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Acupressure Points Back Pain | Acupressure Treatment for Back Pain Relief

Acupressure Points Back Pain | Acupressure Treatment for Back Pain Relief

Acupressure Points Back Pain Relief :- Our back is a compound anatomy composed of bones, muscles, nerves, and joints. Our spine is designed to be intensely strong enough to protect the spinal cord and nerve root. The complex anatomy of the spine is strong but flexible to provide the complete movement of the body, especially in the neck and lower back region. Our back provides support, protection, and movement to the body tissues. It acts like a shock absorbent which can accept any types of jolts and stress. It helps in keeping the spinal cord and nervous system safe in order to proper functioning of the relay messages to and from the brain to rest of the body. Any problem in the spine will obstruct the proper functioning of the back.

Acupressure Points Back Pain Relief Chart

Acupressure Points back pain

Acupressure Points back pain

The most common problem related to back is back pain. According to a research, 80% of the total population is suffering from this problem. Mostly, it is difficult to point out the exact cause of back pain. Particularly, in most of the cases back pain is not due to any major accident; instead, it is because of the minor sprains, strains etc. which can be triggered by the day-to-day work at home. Also, back pain can be caused due to the irregular posture for longer while doing work or reading. The back pain grows gradually if ignored and can lead to a bigger problem.

Here are the possible causes of back pain:

  • Bent for a longer period of time.
  • Lifting or pulling heavy objects improperly.
  • Over-stretching.
  • Stress in the muscles due to overuse.
  • Strained ligaments.
  • Awkward movement.
  • Sometimes due to the irregular structure of the skeleton of the body.

Symptoms of the back pain:

  • Feeling of stiffness in the back muscles.
  • Pain can be shooting or stabbing.
  • The pain might radiate down the leg; it can be one-sided or both sides.

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