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Most Important Acupressure Points Diabetes Control Methods Naturally

 Acupressure Points Diabetes Control

Our body has several Acupressure points through which Diabetes can be cured. Here we are to discuss about Acupressure Points Diabetes Control. Acupressure Points: Diabetes are very easy to find, but you have to learn the exact process for applying pressure at these points. The two types of Diabetes are as follows:

  • Type1 Diabetes: This type of Diabetes occurs when our body cannot produce insulin. It is also known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes. The person is required to take injections to balance sugar intensity in blood when the insulin is not enough in the body.
  • Type2 Diabetes: This type of Diabetes occurs due to lack of absorption of sugar. In this case the person is required to reduce the intake of sugar in his/her diet.
acupressure points diabetes control

acupressure points diabetes control

Acupressure is easy and effective in relieving Diabetes. Acupressure Points: Diabetes is located at different spots on body (on hand and foot). These Acupressure Points are described as under:

Acupressure Points for Diabetes

  • Spleen Point (Lower Leg Point)
  • Arthritis Point
  • Intestine Point
  • Liver Point (Foot Toe Point)
  • Stomach Point (Inner Lower Leg Point)
  • Kidney Point (Inner Foot Point)
  • Big Toe Point
  • Urinary Point
  • Stress Relief Point

Acupressure Points for Headache

Acupressure Points Diabetes Control : 9 Best Acupressure Points

Spleen Point (Lower Leg Point):

Spleen Point

Spleen Point

Spleen Point is located exactly behind Shinbones in the lower leg. The Spleen Point is on the side of ankle bones.

Apply gentle and firm pressure on Spleen Point for 3 minutes at the least every day and you will get relief in Spleen related problems.

Liver Point (Foot Toe Point):

Liver Acupressure Point

Liver Acupressure Point

Liver Point is situated on the foot exactly between the Second Toe and the Big Toe. Applying firm and mild pressure on Liver Point in a reverse circle for 3 minutes every day will get you relief in stress, depression, emotional condition etc.

Kidney Point (Inner Foot Point):

Acupressure Point for Kidney

Acupressure Point for Kidney

Kidney Point is located exactly between the Achilles muscle and Ankle bone. Applying firm pressure on Kidney Point for 3 minutes every day will help you to improve the production of insulin and the functioning of the body.

Stomach Point (Inner Lower Leg Point):


Acupressure Stomach Point is located exactly eight centimeters on an upper side of the outer malleolus on the inner side of lower leg. Malleolus is the bone on both sides of the ankle. Apply pressure firmly on the point to release toxins from the body of the client.

Arthritis Point:

arthirtis Acupressure point

arthritis Acupressure point

Arthritis Point is situated exactly at 2 centimeters below the Knee as shown in the image. Apply mild and firm pressure on Arthritis Point for 5 minutes every day to get relief in indigestion problem, burning in stomach, Arthritis and other problems.

Intestine Point:

Acupressure Intestine point

Acupressure Intestine point

Intestine Point also called Hand Valley Point is located between the Index Finger and Thumb as shown in the image. Applying pressure on the Intestine Point removes excess heat from the body and gives more energy. Massaging it will get rid of Stress.

Urinary Point:

Acupressure Point for Urinary

Acupressure Point for Urinary

Acupressure Urinary Point is used to give relief in urinary related troubles. Urinary Point is located exactly behind the knee cap in the center of the leg as shown in the image. Apply gentle and firm pressure on the Urinary Point for 5 minutes daily to get relief in Additional Urination.

Stress Relief Point:

Stress Relief Point

Stress Relief Point

Stress Relief Point is situated exactly below the Little Finger, on Wrist as shown in the image. Applying pressure on this Point will help in improving emotional state and reduce Stress.

Big Toe Point:

Big Toe Acupressure Point

Big Toe Acupressure Point

Acupressure Big Toe Point is located on Big Toe of Foot as shown in the image. Apply firm pressure on Big Toe in both the feet daily to remove symptoms of Diabetes.

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