Foot Reflexology : Simple foot reflexology points and how to guide.

Foot Reflexology : Simple and natural ways to a healthier you:

In this era of allopathy, where chemicals are taken in for every small and big ailment in the body, the recognition of reflexology and its natural properties of healing has risen to a great extent due to the side effect of allopathic medicines. Foot Reflexology is a natural way of healing pain and ailments in one’s body by using pressure on hands, feet and certain other body parts. This is a science that is backed by logical facts and is proven to help cure ailments if used sensibly and in the right way.
Reflex points are those points on the body that have a connection to various body parts as in a correlation. According to the chinese medicine, these points on the feet connect and correspond to various organs of the body.The foot reflexology chart basically shows all the points on the foot and what all are the organs the certain points given represent. It is seen that the foot represents the human body as in the toes are known to relate to the head, shoulders and the neck and as we go down to the ball and arch of the foot, it is said to relate to the various internal organs in the body. Foot reflexology as a science believes that there are energy lines in our body when our body is divided into a few meridians. When focused or intense pressure is put on these pressure points, it helps the continual flow of energy by releasing congested energy spots which thereby relieves the pain and stress.. Foot reflexology is very easy to learn through videos, pictures and the various books available. You can try this on yourself if not others and master the art of foot reflexology one step at a time.

Foot Reflexology Massage Video :

Foot Reflexology Chart:

Foot Reflexology Chart