How to use acupressure points to induce labor naturally.

You’ve waited for so many weeks for this moment but now you’re panicking over how it’s going to be and how you will be able to cope with the stress and pain, right? Using acupressure points to induce labor naturally is a great way to help yourself work through this time. Acupressure is one of the best ways and completely natural method to induce labour without having to worry about any side effects. With these exercises you will ensure cervical dilations as well as help your body create contractions that will speed up labour.
It is important to remember that you’re at a critical stage and risking or experimenting is definitely not for you. Please note that these exercise are only for those women who have finished a full term or ideally been 38 to 40 weeks pregnant. It isn’t advisable to use these exercises on any woman who is less than 38 weeks pregnant. These pressure point massage exercises are useful and work only when your body is really ready to go into labour and by trying them anytime before 38 weeks you are increasing chances of a premature delivery. Follow these simple steps to keep the contractions going and speeding your labour.

1. Index finger and Thumb

Acupressure-to-Induce-Labour-finger One of the major acupressure points known to help clearing a lot of ailments, this acupressure point is the fleshy webbed part between your index finger and thumb on each of your hands. Repeat on both hands until you can feel a contraction. Rub your fingers for 2-3 minutes in a clockwise motion and then anticlockwise. It is necessary that you keep track of time and when the contractions are happening in order to note if they are in a sequence. Be careful not to pinch or apply pressure on this point when you can feel the contraction has started. Eventually the number of contractions will start increasing.

2. Ankle- Foot

Acupressure-to-Induce-Labour-ankle This acupressure point is located exactly above the ankle of your foot. it is left to your discretion whether you wish to use pressure on both legs at once or one at once depending on your comfort level and whether somebody else is practicing them on you or you have to do them by yourself. Sit up in a relaxed position and breathe well while these exercises are done. Put ample pressure on the point for 30-40 seconds and then begin to massage with good amount of pressure in circular motions for 2-3 minutes alternating legs or simultaneously until you feel the contractions beginning.

3. Spine and buttocks

The space between the end of your spine that ends into a hollow after which your buttocks start is the pressure point. This is not a particular point but a pathway through pressure must be applied. This exercise needs to be done with assistance of a birth coach or your doctor or partner. Firmly stroke from the spine to the hollow and pushing downwards to the buttocks continuously for 3-5 minutes. Acupressure is suggested to be a step taken only after consulting your doctor. These three acupressure points will shorten the labour time thereby reducing the discomfort during labour and also create a calming effect during the process. Although this cannot promise an efficient delivery, it is a trusted way to lessen discomfort and pain. Acupressure works wonders when there are blockages in the natural flow of things in a pregnancy and you might be amazed at the wonderful results it will give. make sure you note down the timings on a paper using a stop clock and take good care of yourself while doing these exercises. Cheers!