5 Simple Acupressure Points for Diabetes.

Acupressure is one of the natural ways to cure your body and has been sought after over allopathy due to its healing properties by using body’s own energy. Diabetes is of two basic types: Type 1, where the pancreas in one’s body doesn’t produce enough insulin to digest sugars and Type 2, where the cells become immune to the insulin and thus do not digest sugar that’s outside the blood. Either ways, blood sugar levels are affected giving result to a lot of adverse reactions in the body but the good news is diabetes can be controlled to a large extent if not totally cured.

So here’s a list of the most important acupressure points for diabetes.

1. Palm

point 1
This acupressure point is a very important one that is said to help controlling not only diabetes but also reduce headache and other ailments.The fleshy part of your palm that falls between your index finger and the thumb is where this acupressure point lies. Hold this point with the index finger and thumb of another hand for as long as 5 minutes and repeat on the other hand. This point controls heat in the body and also relieves problems of the large intestine.

2. Wrist-Hand

point 2
This acupressure point basically lies near the wrist.The side of the wrist where the little finger of your hand lies i.e the right side of your wrist on your left hand and the left side of your wrist on your right hand is where this point lies. Very closely connected to the heart, this point helps in controlling stress from the heart. Massage this point everyday for 5 minutes to have a stress free heart which will control your diabetes automatically.

Knees are very closely connected to the digestive system as a whole. Diabetes can be controlled to a large extent if the digestive system work properly. Massage both your knees with your fingers in clockwise and anticlockwise direction for 5 minutes everyday to help your body cut down on stomach and digestion problems.

4. Feet

There are specific points on the feet that control problems like hypertension while treat diabetes as well as insomnia. This acupressure point lies on the front side of your foot, a little before your largest toe and the second toe. There is a joining point of both toes-measure 2 cms below that point and this acupressure point must be massaged for three to five minutes everyday to get your diabetes in control. Repeat on both feet.

5. Near the calf of your leg

This point is basically a little below the back part of your knee and above the calf of your leg. This acupressure point is connected to the urinary bladder which helps clearing impurities in the body. Problems regarding excess urination and others are common with diabetic people and applying pressure on this point for about three to five minutes shall help reducing such problems.

These acupressure points for diabetes must be practiced carefully and consistently for best results. These aim at some of the most closely connected problems to diabetes so when you treat core problems, the disease automatically becomes easy to treat. Eat healthy. Have a healthy lifestyle and practice these acupressure tips to eliminate any kind of ailments in your body.