5 Simple Acupressure points for Anxiety and Stress.

Do you catch yourself panicking or being extremely nervous before small assignments, before approaching somebody about something or even merely the thought of something that you fear? Anxiety can be overshading the real you and might be the obstacle in your way to bloom perfectly into your actual character. It is very important that you remember anxiety is just a type of mental illness not a character flaw so it can be rectified.

Read on to learn about the acupressure points for anxiety to free yourself from fear or stress related anxiety to see yourself open up just as easily as everybody else.

Acupressure points for Anxiety is very effective and known for its calming and soothing properties so here are a few very important acupressure points that will help you lessen your anxiety and soon make it disappear. Confidence is always in, right?

Before you begin with these acupressure exercises or massages, it is essential that you calm yourself down through a little meditation by sitting down on the floor in the cross legged form with your spine straight. Stretch your body well, breathe properly and do 2-3 minutes of meditation. Soothe and calm your body first and then start practicing the following to give out the best results and make you feel fantastic with acupressure treatment.

1. Wrists

Take three fingers of one hand and measure from the end of your palm on the other hand. The point where your third finger ends falls right in the middle of your wrist which is our acupressure point. Hold this point with average pressure applied for about 2 minutes and repeat for both wrists. This point relieves nausea, anxiety, palpitations, and wrist pain.

2. Ears

Ears are known only to help you hear but the different kind of functions it takes up are not popular. The easiest to practice, the ears don’t particularly have any acupressure point but these nerves connect to your brain and calm you down all over instantly. Use your thumb and index finger to massage the back of the ear, front and rub the lobes slowly to ease all tension and nervousness.

3. Space between the toes

This acupressure point can be found two finger spaces from the joint of your big toe and second toe. Press this point with good amount of pressure for 2-3 minutes and repeat on both feet. This point is known for the rushing of energy point and will instantly soothe your senses incase there are any blocks in the flow of energy in your body making you calm and less nervous.

4. Back of your foot

This point at the back of your foot is an important point to relax your body and bring about a calming effect. Sit down cross legged and create a line from the space between the second and third toe. Draw this imaginary line until you’ve covered about 3 finger spaces to find the acupressure point. Press this point for two minutes with a proper amount of pressure to get the best results and also repeat by changing the foot.

5. The first lung meridians

There are two points that fall on the shoulder muscles i.e from the base of your neck till the shoulders reach the arms. This point is easily reached by taking four finger spaces from the collar bone (downside). Apply pressure on both the points simultaneously for 2 minutes and it will relieve your nervous tension as well as any stiffness in the neck.

You can beat anxiety when you bring about inner harmony and confidence thereby losing fear of all, reducing stress and taking things smoothly without any kind of mental pressure. Practicing these acupressure points regularly and whenever you need them will eventually help you cope with nervousness, stress and anxiety. The key to this therapy is proper amount of pressure on the right points and breathing properly while doing these exercises.