Best Acupressure Points for Weight Loss.

Acupressure is the science that uses natural power lines in your own body to stimulate it in the right way to relieve pain, make your body work the way it should and heal all bodily ailments that occur due to what is known as “obstruction of energy through the meridians of the body” according to this natural science and acupuncture points chart.

Weight loss has a few important requisites and they include developing a good metabolism which means your aim should be to develop a strong digestive system. Proper intake of food helps to keep healthy while giving you energy to work out. Water retention also causes weight gain so streamlining the water in your body is very much required.

Over all, these care should be taken to reduce overeating and such habits that lead to unnecessary weight gain. A healthy appetite, a stress-free lifestyle, a strong digestive system as well as elimination system in your body is what will lead to effective weight loss.

Acupressure points, if used in the right way, help in effectively using the pressure points on your body to focus your own body’s energy into eliminating toxic waste from your body and enable you to lose weight. The acupressure points that are given below make for an all round cleaning and stimulating system in your body aiming at the maximum weight loss by increasing your metabolism, increasing blood circulation to strengthen the digestive and elimination system in the body as well as taking care of any eating disorders.

Here’s how to use acupressure points for weight loss:

1. Ear Point for Appetite stimulation

Your ear has a pressure point known as appetite control point. This acupressure point is the fleshy part of you ear that is in front of your ear canal. This point helps in controlling your appetite and most importantly stop you from overeating. Put constant pressure on this point for about 3 minutes and repeat on both ears.

Ear Point

Ear Point

2. Ankle point to Buckle up your digestive system

This pressure point is correlated to the spleen and helps in strengthening your digestive system. This pressure point is basically located near your ankle bone to the part facing inside of your legs. From your ankle bone’s centre (your ankle bone is not a straight line, so the centre will be at a rough 60 degree angle),move exactly four finger space upwards to find this pressure point. This point should be held in pressure by the thumb for about 2 minutes and repeated on both legs.

3. Knee Point for regulating blood and digestive system.

This acupressure point is correlated to your stomach and regulates blood circulation to aid digestion. This pressure point lies near your knee cap. From your kneecap, move four finger
spaces down and try to feel the muscle when you move your leg at this point.This point falls
about 1 finger space away from the shin bone. Do not press hard but use gentle amount of pressure for one minute at this point on both legs.

4. Control water metabolism in your body

This pressure point is connected to the spleen as well and helps regulate water in your body. This pressure point is located on the shin bone. Move upwards on the shin bone towards the knee cap and you will find a natural hollow. Keep constant pressure on this point for one minute and repeat on both legs.

5. Rev up the way your intestines work

This pressure point is located near the elbow. Leave two finger spaces from the elbow and move inside. Use your thumb and index fingers to put pressure on this point for one minute.
Repeat on both hands.


1. A good diet to give you the vital nutrients your body requires while combining it with acupressure is what is ideal to get the best results. Take about 30 minutes to 45 minutes off each day to practice these acupressure techniques and get your diet in control to start seeing a difference in your body.

2. Breathe properly throughout the process to eliminate stress and aid in blood circulation.

3. Decide carefully the amount of food portions you take in and what you eat. Take care that a proper 10-11 glasses of water is being drunk each day to avoid water retention in the body and help in clearing the system of all toxic wastes.

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